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Embracing the Shadow-Self Workshop

  • Date: 4th November 2018
  • Time: 10am to 5pm. Morning and Afternoon Tea provided.
  • Address: Soul Haven, Shop 4 / 157 Smith Street, Penrith   -  Map
  • Fee: $150

The Workshop

  • Do you do or say things you are not proud of?
  • Do you lash out at your spouse, your children or your co-workers?
  • Do you have addictions to alcohol, drugs, food or something else?
  • Have you sabotaged your new diet or a new goal?

These are all parts of the shadow-self’s in our lives. The shadow-self workshop will not only show us how to unveil our shadows but how to understand and deal with them. Bringing our shadows to light helps us to access power, happiness, consciousness and confidence to live our lives to their fullest potential.

Our shadows will find a way to express themselves if repressed. Our shadows can present themselves by having us project onto others things we seemingly despise. Our shadows are those messages we send ourselves when we are not CONSCIOUS, that belittle us. Facing our shadows DOES empower us to be MORE than we ever felt safe to dream we could be.

Embracing our shadow calls attention to some of the masks we wear and assumptions we make. It shows us that in acceptance and turning inward to face the dark we can allow the light to shine in. This workshop WILL awaken and inspire you. This is an important workshop at a crucial time for humanity. Some people might consider facing their shadows as scary but others consider it scary NOT to face them. By facing your shadow-self’s, you can understand them, control them and become a conscious creator of your life. Not dealt with — these shadows WILL surface — and usually you will not notice until damage is done to yourself or to the people around you.

This workshop will leave you inspired and compelled to take an evolutionary leap with successful and proven processes given on the day. You will be guided through various exercises designed to reveal the shadow self’s effects in your own life, which will presents you with opportunities to transcend personal limitations.

For further information or to book your seat call Anya Haldey on: 0422 559 806.


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